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We have been providing Victoria clients, both personal and business for over 12 years. If you want your data back, send your drive through the mail (bubble wrap is your friend) and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a quote. 

Zero Alpha is an Australian company but we are recognised globally with world class tools and clean rooms.

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Data Recovery Brisbane


Servers or  RAID Data Recovery. Common types: Rack Mount | Blade Mount | Tower
We are highly experienced with raid and server data recovery. We have saved files from every type of industry from large corporations, government departments and home office.
Solid State
SSD Data Recovery | Solid State Drive data recovery | SSD not detected Victoria data recovery, SSD deleted files, SSD software and hardware data recovery. We can perform chip off data recovery for all brands including: Samsung Evo, Crucial, Intel, Silicon Power & Kingston.
USB Data Recovery | USB flash drives | USB thumb sticks | USB not detected - Deleted data from USB - Corrupted USB drive data recovery Brisbane.
Memory Card
Camera Card Data Recovery. All types: SD micro SD. Deleted Photos. Corrupted Data Recovery. Card not recognised in computer data recovery.
Data Recovery Advice

We suggest in all instances of information risk to leave your drive powered off. A hard drive that is left off will stop further harm. We understand data loss can be daunting. You can call our very friendly hotline for reassurance on 1300 001 211. We will want to speak you with giving consoling guidance on what to do straightaway.

Stay away from inadequate competitors, relatives or untrustworthy internet ideas. The majority of the these approaches mean well to help you, yet their inadequate experience typically prompts hazardous results.

Keep away from web applications, Windows checkdisk or Mac first aid disk check. These applications are not adequately refined to manage defective drives and can cause information adjustment that can hazard perpetual information loss or make an information recuperation attempt more costly than it should have been.

Try not to be cheated. Sadly we get frequent reports of organizations attempting to exploit clients by charging excessive costs into the large numbers. Smart promoting stunts to acquire your trust incorporates underquoting with a low beginning cost. Our costs are promoted with no secret additional items. Minimal costs ensured.

Stay away from untrusted and unpracticed data recovery groups and individuals. It's extremely simple for imposter's to make a site professing to be Victoria's best data recovery service while taking cover behind stock pictures and expert looking information recuperation site formats. Our Brisbane data recovery lab was quick to be formally ensured in information recuperation innovation more than 12 years prior. Victoria.


How to recover data from failed hard drive

Our Brisbane Data Recovery labs will determine the issue to have your media first. We give a FREE test and statement. Our price is the most minimal cost ensured. As Queensland's driving data recovery team we will at that point have an activity intend to get your documents back.


The 5 Most Common Causes of Hard Drive Failure

1. Hard Drive is not detecting

A hard drive that has malfunctioned will not detect in any computer or BIOS. These issues are caused by bad sectors, firmware damage or heads damage and is the most common problem we see. Data recovery is possible! Visit our Brisbane offices or send them to us!

2. Computer fails to start up

A malfunctioning hard drive can prevent your computer, laptop or server from booting up. Symptoms range from errors about the start up drive missing, freezing on the Windows or Apple logo or slow and unresponsive. Both our Brisbane locations can diagnose and solve these issues.

3. Accidentally dropped portable drive

Dropping a drive can cause internal damage. Known as a head crash in the data recovery industry common symptoms are drive that make clicking sounds, buzzing sounds or no longer become readable. We have world class tools to recover data from these problems in a clean room. Victoria customers near and far with dropped portable hdd's can visit us or send in the drive for a free test.

4. Accidentally deleted files or folders

When data is deleted computers remove the indexing to the files so that the hard drive space becomes available for new data. We can find these files giving you a high success rate for deleted file data recovery.

5. Corruption

Corruption can occur when a read-write cycle is interrupted. Common corruption problems can cause boot sector damage, partition table damage or even file and folder loss. The success rate for corrupted data recovery is high.

4 Fun Facts about Hard Drives

1. The Hard Disk Drive (HDD) was invented for the purpose of secondary storage for computers by IBM

The principal HDD was the size of two medium refrigerators, gauged a ton and had a capacity limit of 3.75 megabytes. According to present-day standards, this would store what could be compared to one advanced photograph!! Fortunately, things have proceeded onward… A ton!

2. In 2016, the world's smallest hard drive was invented by Dutch scientists

This drive is fit for re-composing data by controlling single iotas. Set forth plainly, it implies that every one of the books at any point composed could in principle be put away on a hard drive the size of a postage stamp!

3. There are numerous types of substances within hard drives

Some are even valuable. Normally, the external parts are made of aluminium, yet inside the shell you will discover glass, cobalt, nickel and magnesium. Valuable metals like platinum, copper, gold and silver are additionally components. Each year, the US discards silver and gold worth more than $60 million, from cell phones alone, into landfill!

4. It's difficult to erase data with software from a Hard Drive

This is great news in the scenario where you've deleted your family photographs! It's not great in case you're needing to discard delicate business information. Wiping the product just conceals the information up with more information, leaving it open to recuperation. Regardless of whether a hard circle is crushed by a sledge, the minuscule shards actually contain many megabytes of information which could in principle actually be decipherable. One method of really realizing the information has been cleaned is by disposing of it through an attractive field initial (a procedure called degaussing). We do this before we shred and reuse hard drives to be extra certain!

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Yes, we provide professional, secure data recovery services from Queensland. So, if you’re based in the Victoria and you’re looking to recover your data, call us on 1300 001 211.

All our work is performed at our Brisbane data recovery offices.

Yes. You can collect your media from our Brisbane offices or we can deliver it to you.

Yes. We can provide fast turnaround data recovery service to our Victoria customers.

We are Victoria's lowest priced professional data recovery service. We quote off a simple flat rate pricing table depending on the problem with your drive. If you find a cheaper quote anywhere else please call us on 1300 001 211 so we can beat it.

Yes. Our data recovery service can assist with all brands and types of media. Based in Brisbane so send it to us and we'll get your drive the help it needs.