Samsung T5 SSD 1TB MU - PA1T0B

Detects only with 81 mb partition "T5_SETUP" 81 MB FAT32. Security Unlock partition. mSata inside

Samsung T5 SSD detects only with 81mb partition

Client information:

Hello! As stated in the title, the Samsung T5 SSD is only showing a single 84MB partition. I've tried using both Disk Management on WS2012 and GParted on a live Linux ISO to fix the missing partitions, but they don't see any unallocated space. Not sure what else to try. Thoughts?

I acquired the Portable SSD T5 from a deceased relative.  I didn't have the password, so I followed the discussion string for formatting the T5.  The drive is accessible now, but when looking at the properties, it only shows as having 81 MB storage rather than 1 TB.  There is no software on the drive.  Furthermore, the drive name shows as "T5_SETUP", which is what is showed before formatting.  Is there anything I can do with this to allow full storage, or is it junk?  Thanks very much.