Plugged the wrong power cable into external hard drive

Its not unusual for a customer to plug the wrong power supply cord into a hard drive. Generally when this occurs a user has plugged a laptop charger into a hard drive and damaged the drive. Some laptops have the same connector as a hard drive and if the owner is not careful they can accidently plug a laptop power supply in. A laptop power supply is anywhere around 18.5v, 19v, 20v, and sometimes as much as 21 volts. A harddrive power supply is 12 volts. When a 20 volt charger is connected to a 12 volt hard drive it can immediately blow the electronics causing damage to the pcb. We see about 15% of cases where the electrical damage is so severe it even damages all the electronics inside the HDD. 

Don't panic we can recover data! This is actually a common problem we see and we are well use to safely recovering data!

Case Studies:

So I plugged in my laptop charger to my external hard drive and now it seems to be dead. It wont boot and i cant hear any mechanical sound at all when I plug it in. I'm no expert in this type of thing but what have I screwed up? Is it gone for good? Or is as simple as replacing a fuse oir something? I really dont have a clue. Its got a lot of valuable files on it that I really need for work and other things. Along with some confidential information that by law can not be shared with anyone, so I'm not really up sending it off to a shop.

hard drive electrically damaged from plugging the incorrect charger into it

I had my external harddrive plugged into a incorrect power source, and it damage the enclosure, but the hdd was fine. I just bought a new enclosure. maybe you can try removing the hdd and put it into a external enclosure to check if it's still functioning?

Its probably unlikely that moving the drive to another enclosure will help if the hard drive itself has been damaged by the surge. If your lucky its just the usb adapter and you can get data back like this. Otherwise you fried the circuit board in your external. They are usually designed to use between 11.5V and 12.5V DC. The adapter on the hard drive is most likely completely fried. It should have saved the hard drive though. Take your external hard drive enclosure apart and try connecting the internal hard drive to a desktop.

Help! I've plugged a laptop charger into my external storage and now all that's happening is the red ligh flashes and will not open. It's my sons 21st and all, and I mean all, my photos are on it. Have I any options? Most laptop chargers are 19V, while most external drive power supplies are probably 12V or 5V. You can confirm by reading the details on the AC adapters - it will list the respective DC voltages. Plugging low-voltage DC power into a device which expects high-voltage DC power usually results in no harm to the device, it just doesn't power up until it gets the right AC adapter. But plugging high-voltage DC power into a device which expects low-voltage DC power usually fries the electronics.

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